An intern or colleague says: “I’m feeling down.” What do you say, what do you do, what does it even mean?

Or perhaps you’re that colleague. Then what? Feeling down (somberheid) is one of the negative emotions pretty much every one experiences once in a while.


Bottling up those feelings creates tension and can cause headaches and stomach aches. Talking helps and improves mental wellness, as long as it’s a positive and supportive conversation. This uplifting lecture helps you with that.


After this lecture…

  • You will have a better understanding of what ‘feeling down’ means.
  • You will have insights in how to help others or yourself with these negative feelings.
  • You will feel better prepared for a conversation in case you want to talk or when someone wants to talk to you.

And no worries, the tone of voice of this lecture is not as heavy as the subject suggests.


About the speaker: writer Afke Teunen is not a psychologist, but has had several. She has also interviewed many psychologists and coaches for the dozens of articles she wrote about (sports)psychology. And she just finished a book for sombre teenagers that will be published this summer.

In this lecture she combines her own experiences with the knowledge, insights and advice she learned from experts.

March 30, 2023