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In this session, we will discuss the main challenges of the energy transition on the production side and on the user side. The electricity grid in the Netherlands is overcrowded. Moreover, it is not build for the possible supply of green energy in the country side. Therefore, great initiatives for installing solar panels are being rejected. In addition, wind turbines are turned off to avoid energy production overtaking energy consumption.

Another challenge is to supply green energy to events. Research has shown the enormous environmental impact of festivals. Annually, 15,000,000 L of diesel is burnt to generate electricity for events in the Netherlands. With Skoon we are providing an affordable, green alternative.

Skoon is creating a platform to connect battery owners and battery users to accelerate the energy transition. Batteries will be used for electric sailing, supplying energy at events or construction sites and grid balancing.

Also, check out the below article about Skoon as part of the upcoming Rotterdam Capital Days 2019 (Sept 18th - Sept 22nd)!


September 5, 2019
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