Our startup is progressing well, and we are expanding our capacity in order to serve our clients sufficiently, welcome to connect with us and potentially be part of the team to shape the future together!

About Aristot B.V.
Aristot is a premium mentorship platform. We help achieve talent & knowledge retention, team building in remote work and personal growth through our In-house B2B solution and Global C2C solution. By leveraging algorithms, we ensure customized matching, either in between employees, or with mentors with Fortune 500 company leadership experience.

We Aristoters believe there is a gift within everyone. Talents are everywhere, however, they need to be discovered. Aristot provides a tailor-made mentor-mentee advisory for customized advice in the professional environment.

In this era of the 4th industrial revolution, when 70% of the jobs will disappear in 20 years, growth through mentorship is the key to be ahead.

November 26, 2020