The best ideas for a new and sustainable society are already out there. What’s missing are the knowledge, experience and people needed to turn them into strong business cases.

We, Noorderwind, are doing a 4-day design sprint to develop and validate a digital application that could facilitate trading off hours (based on the pay it forward principle) amongst startups/freelancers/companies within a community. We want to stimulate a fair trade of knowledge and time.

This Thursday we want to share the outcome of this sprint by taking you through the step-by-step process and invite you to test the prototype.

What if we could build an organization that puts the wind in the sails of radical and circular ideas, to help bring them to life faster? Noorderwind is a collective of change makers. Working with our own open-innovation tools in co-creation, co-validation or co-implementation with corporates, startups, freelancers, governments and universities we shape a future we want to be part of.

November 7, 2019