3D scanning and printing will change our lives, now and in the future. It will change the way we look at our world. It will change the way we use our imagination. It revolutionizes design and allows us to think in a different way. Creative spirits will be challenged! Be creative! Discover! Capture reality and make it your own! Join me in this great adventure!

"My name is Erwin Kanters, I have my own 3D scan company 3D Scan Solutions. I love innovation and improvement and therefore I work exclusively with the latest, high-quality and professional 3D scanners. In this way I make very accurate 3D scans of all kinds of objects and also people.

I am passionate to provide products and services with added value for society. In the medical environment these 3D scans can be used to prepare a surgeon before operation, accurately map body shapes in order to 3D print perfectly fitting prostheses for optimal fit and comfort, analyse changes, measure effects on the patient and use this information in reports. I believe in products that can improve people's lives qualitatively and really make a change. For that reason I am also involved in 3DynaFlex."