Rotterdam is an international city which is pulsating with innovation. On 24th, 25th & 26th of April, Venture Café set out to demystify the world of capital in Rotterdam in collaboration with multiple innovation partners.

During these 3 days, we attracted 1 100 people to 10 different events!

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Rotterdam Capital Days 2018

Together with multiple Innovation partners, Venture Café hosted the first edition of Rotterdam Capital Days on 24th, 25th & 26th of April 2018. By connecting ideas, talent and money, startups and investors from the Rotterdam region came together to explored the diverse and wide ecosystem of capital and talent. A major step to strengthen and expand the innovation community in the city!

The total of 10 events included a wide range of topics, from more general innovation connections to more specific such as empowering female-, ethnic- and creative entrepreneurs. All about access to capital, of course.

Welcome, investors, start-ups and innovators. All of you share a common quality: You make innovation a driving force behind economic development. You enable the journey to our next economy.

Maarten Struijvenberg - Deputy Mayor Rotterdam

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Rotterdam Capital Days
welcomed 1 100 people,
to 10 events during
 3 days!

Relive Rotterdam Capital Days

Video by: Daan de Graaff



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Day 1
24th of April

Events: 1  Visitors: 210

Day one of Rotterdam Capital Days was kicked off by Coolblue’s Pieter Zwart. This also marked the start of Capital Tour XXL. Startups went on one of 10 tours visiting 24 investors in different sectors – a total distance of 88,4 km – before everyone met up for a well-deserved network dinner.

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It’s not only money that counts, the support to develop your ideas is also important!

Pieter Zwart - Coolblue

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Day 2
25th of April

Events: 5  Visitors: 265

Day two was centered around diversity and empowerment and held several events and workshops built to support a wide range of entrepreneurs from different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds.

Among the events, we had “Funding morning”, a workshop on “Selling your Solution” by Catalyse, “Ethnic Entrepreneurship”, a masterclass on “Entrepreneurial Finance” hosted by EY and as the evening came so did the 2nd Rotterdam Informal Investordiner, taking place during Rotterdam Capital Days.

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I had the experience of going around the city seeing the different investment opportunities in Rotterdam.

Voltaire Xodus - WeUpWomen [Startup]

My experience today has been amazing! We met 6 startups that were incredible and with any one of these 6 startups we can work in some facility.

Antti Rantanen - Avanto Ventures [Investor]

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Day 3
26th of April

Events: 4  Visitors: 625

Day three began with a workshop for tech startups, hosted by Startup Corner supported by Rabobank. Later we moved on to “Through the eyes of Investors” taking place in The Suicide Club where investors pitched to startups before it turned into the exclusive event Angels & Demons.  Rotterdam Capital Days was finally caped of with a closing celebration at Venture Café’s Thursday Gathering.

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So excited to see that with the Rotterdam Capital Days we truly promoted and celebrated Rotterdam’s innovation ecosystem. It’s about exploring chances in your own city, connecting ideas, talent and money and investing in building relationships.

Anoesjka Imambaks - Venture Café

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Financiele Dagblad joined us during Capital Tour XXL and Rotterdam Capital Days to write about their experience. Have a look here:

“Geld bij elkaar fietsen” [in Dutch]

“Start-ups fietsen in Rotterdam geen geld maar wel adviezen bij elkaar” [in Dutch]

Bigger than Rotterdam

We did lift the hood and looked into the deeps of Rotterdam, but at the same time partnerships were made regionally, nationally and internationally. To mention a few we had partnerships in The Hague, Delft, Arnhem, Amsterdam, Noordwijk & Zoetermeer coming together in Rotterdam during Rotterdam Capital Days.


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With many thanks from the Venture Café & Rotterdam Captial Days Team – Anoesjka, Laura, Andreas, Noelani, Damaris, Weronika, Simonas, Marielle & Maaike



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