Karin Parmentier

Karin Parmentier

Partner – The Diversity Company

It is no surprise that I personally feel very connected to words like curiosity and courage, the key drivers of change to more diversity, inclusion and equality. My mother is an inspiration for life; encouraging me to be (financially) independent. I pass that on to my daughters and sons; it’s my ambition that my daughters and sons have equal opportunities and are rewarded fairly.

Before becoming a business owner, I worked in a variety of roles at Deloitte. As HR Director I had the opportunity to combine my passion for women empowerment and writing my thesis on the topic of gender diversity. One of the outcomes of that study was women earn less than men and the -unexplained- difference is roughly 7%. I believe that both women and society benefit from equality and that is the reason why we designed and deliver a workshop to empower women on the topic of negotiation.

My motto in life “If you do what you always did, you get what you always got” – Einstein

Karin Parmentier is a business owner, consultant and interim manager. She has worked for companies such as Deloitte and ING as HR Director and interim change manager. Karin holds an MBA from Nyenrode and her thesis was on Gender Diversity “How to keep valuable women on board of your organization.” She combines her background in consulting and human resources to help individuals, teams and organization to create a wave of change.
The Diversity Company advises and supports organizations that understand that greater diversity ensures better results. 

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