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Impact Report
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We’re proud to share with you our 2021 Impact Report.

Never one to shy away from challenges, Venture Café Rotterdam continued to engage with and connect our innovation community. Overall, we hosted a total of 49 Thursday Gatherings, all of which had an online component, helping to keep people informed and feel connected despite the challenges of COVID-19.

In total, Venture Café Rotterdam held 315 sessions and worked with 157 program partners to attract more than 3,000 visitors to our space, both physically and virtually during our weekly Thursday Gatherings. As a proud signatory of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, our programming throughout the year reflected these ambitious but necessary targets.

In addition to the regular Thursday Gathering programming, 2021 saw us kick off a new monthly event series: Investment Café, aimed at structurally helping our community to navigate the investment ecosystem. With this series we were able to cover topics like investment possibilities, access to investors, brokers, the stock market, cryptocurrencies, and more.

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity. Through experimentation, we created an organic program that truly reflects the needs of the community within our capabilities and constraints. Join us in this journey as we continue experimenting and reinventing ourselves.”

Anoesjka Imambaks

Executive Director, Venture Café Rotterdam

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We were introduced to Cor the Coach via our business coach so it was great to meet him virtually through Venture Café Rotterdam. Apart from the fact he helped us create the packages we offer as a business, one of the people we met in Venture Café's session is now our client.
Julie Taylor & Louisa Stewart
Blue Ninja Business Support
"Asia, Africa and Europe united on one square meter. Fascinating meeting with these gentlemen at Venture Café Rotterdam precisely in the week of diversity."
Joshua Riemans MBA
Vindt Je Waarom
Venture Café Rotterdam's Thursday Gathering has helped me to further develop myself and my business. It gives me opportunities to speak to new people, get inspired, and be motivated.
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We keep a close eye on the demographics of our Thursday Gatherings.  By doing so we can continuously reflect on and improve our program and get to know our community. By tailoring our communication and sessions we can create a balanced and attractive event every week.
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The lessons we learnt in 2020, as we transitioned from in-person to virtual events, paved the way for the Events Bureau to provide smarter, safer and exciting event packages in 2021. This year saw a growth in trust of online and hybrid events amongst our clients with a significant rise in demand for this service. By expanding our facilities, drawing on latest research and our own experience we were proud to offer event solutions to organizations large and small.



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A big thank you to all of our partners for their continued support to our non-profit mission!

Here’s just a few of the 157 partners who help make things happen.