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October at Venture Café: Blue & Social

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Andreas Stillman
by Andreas Stillman in Month, News, Partners, Resources
October 2, 2017 2 comments

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In October we are happy to shine an [energy conserving ] light on a theme that might be more important now than ever before! October is equal to Blue- and Social Economy at Venture Café.

1. Blue

Rotterdam wants to be a front runner in the field of circular economy. This suits the economic sustainable ambitions towards a green, healthy and resilient city. At Venture Café we will ask the questions what blue economy is, why it is important and provide insight into circular solutions to the city’s challenges. We will take you on an endeavour where new ways are sought to deal with challenges and we will challenge you to think about repurposing the things that we today view as waste materials into something constructive!

Save-the-date: As a cherry on top: we will be hosting an additional Venture Café this month. What you would expect of a Venture Café Thursday Gathering, but on a different day and at a different location: on Tuesday, October 24th.  Where else can we do it this month than at Rotterdam’s blue economy hotspot: BlueCity010? Our Venture Café will be combined with The Living University – an annual, international expert meetup of the blue economy movement. An interesting crowd for you to mingle with. Join us there!

“Green is great, but not good enough. We have to be more innovative and instead of always cutting costs, we need to create more value. Generating more value with what you have.”
– Gunter Pauli,  Author of The Blue Economy and The Blue Economy 2.0.
See his TEDxMaastricht speech below!

2. Social

At the same time, there is a special place for social entrepreneurs in our programming this month. Social entrepreneurs contribute to societal challenges in different ways, it can be about sustainability, enhanced livability of neighborhoods or they may create jobs for minority groups. We will offer a podium to these social heroes and aim to connect them so they can take the next step in their business!

In October you will get a nice mix of these subjects and get an insight of where we stand today and what the future holds on the topic!

Gunter Pauli at TEDxMaastricht

See you then!

Comments on October at Venture Café: Blue & Social

  • Philip Troost

    What if you combine blue and social? We are doing that at this moment at GroenCollect and Stadsgas!

    • Andreas Stillman

      Then this is the perfect month for you!

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