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New Media #StartMeUp

Thursday Gathering November 23rd

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by Noelani Reyes in Event
November 6, 2017 comments

This week we celebrate power to the people and the power of immediacy in media. These new age media channels that both create a sense of community, and isolation to the world around us.

Media consumption in today’s world would not be the same without the innovations of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, & Instagram. With the ability to share and connect across many different platforms and borders, we are hyperconnected. With the ability to share content across the globe within seconds.  Internet became an extension of our society and individuals could take charge of film and media in radical ways.

We saw the power of a video “going viral”. We explored cross-cultural humor as cliffhangers got massively “Rickrolled*” in the early years of Youtube. Today we know Youtube personalities like PewDiePie who has over 16 billion views, while we only have 7 billion people around the globe! It is therefore needless to say that a whole revolution of moneymaking machines came with the attached bloggers and vloggers. This resulted in a constant wrestle between business and individuals over the favor of the big audience. The question arises how we can take charge of these channels.

This Venture Café we will explore these different channels and talk about how we can use it in innovative ways. Active members of our community, namely Nick Kiran and Lorenzo van Galen are teaming up with us to get a greater overall program. Based on their own experience with the Launchtime Podcast and De Wereld Van Morgen Podcast they will share their knowledge and insights on this ‘viral’ topic. Together we will discuss the future, present and past ways media has and can change our society, let alone your startup.

*Read more about what it means to get “Rick Rolled”?

Check out the program to find out more and join this vibrant edition of Venture Café!

Thursday Gathering November 30th

16:00–19:00 Info Table: Female Ventures Launches - Female Ventures
Stop by to learn about the upcoming of the Female Ventures Rotterdam team and their new website!
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16:00–19:00 Info Table: The Hague Hacks-Peace, Justice, Technology - The Hague Peace Projects
How can Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, and Big Data save the world? Find it our during The Hague Hacks 2017 on December 8th in The Hague, the conference that connects tech innovators to humanitarian organizations.
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16:30–18:30 Break Out: Inside The Heads Of Recruiters - The Event Store - De Banenborrel
During the Inside The Heads of Recruiters we provide you with tips, tricks and tools about how the job market works and what's important for you to know in the search for a job.
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16:30–17:00 Break Out: Future of voice - De Wereld van Morgen
With the upcoming homespeakers there will be a lot more possible with voice within our lives and may be the centre of our lives in the near future. Join this session!
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17:00–17:45 Break Out: The future of social - CoffeeBottle
In this keynote Rino de Boer will show you how companies can create bigger audiences online and create real conversion (not just fancy stats). Grab a seat!
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17:00–19:30 Info Table: Virtual Worlds in the fight against poverty - Virtual Adventures
Using virtual world to fight poverty by making education accessible and creating virtual jobs
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18:00–18:30 Break Out: Influentials Fireside Chat - Influentials
Are you planning to start with influencer marketing? Then you should talk to Jolique Möller, Founder of Influentials. She can share the latest insights about this industry.
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These are the confirmed events so far. Changes to the program may occur.

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