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A podcast about the innovation community for your lunch break!


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Launchtime is a podcast focusing on the Dutch innovation community. It’s a 30 min long show that is perfect for a lunch break! It’s perfect for startups, corporates, enthusiast and visionaries. It’s about the beginning of something new. Hence the name Launchtime.

With this show we aim to connect the community of innovators on certain topics that will fuel inspiration, cocreation, collaboration, acceleration, aspiration, globalisation and last but not least impact!

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Season 1 is released every month for the rest of 2017! You can find it on  Soundcloud and  iTunes. You can of course always follow every release on

The podcast is created by Nick Kiran, Lorenzo van Galen and powered by Venture Café and CIC.

The artwork is created by Studio 3 Times a Day (from WdKA) – to be found on Facebook and Instagram. They create a unique cover every month that supports the subject. It’s all one photo. No Photoshop compositions, just good ‘ol creativity!