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IVB aims to catalyze international collaborations and to help you realize your international ambitions we can organize an inspiration tour and/or an informal social event that will facilitate personal connections.

If a visit coincides with a local event of interest, we can surely arrange for your group to attend as well. Examples of these events are a Venture Cafe session at CIC Rotterdam, a Startup Fest Europe related event, Techilicious, Rotterdam Capital Days and many more.

Inspiration tours

The main service of IVB is organizing inspiration tours. Depending on the mission of the visiting group this can be a tour through CIC Rotterdam only (approximately 2 hours), or an extended tour throughout the whole city (6-8 hours) or even the whole South Holland region (8+ hours). During our inspiration tours you will see first hand what kind of innovation takes place within our ecosystem and get to meet some of the entrepreneurs behind it.

Informal Social Events

Besides organizing inspiration tours, IVB also provides in organizing social events that give the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with our local entrepreneurs and innovators. During this social events there is a lot of time to ask each other questions and brainstorm together. Get inspired. Connect. Innovate.

Types of social events we offer are:

    • Luncheon
    • Dinner
    • Cocktail Hour
    • Speeddates
    • Round table discussion
    • Panel discussion


IVB visit fees are based on the size of the group and range of activities. Please complete our Request Form (onboarding form) so we can contact you and start the planning process.

Examples of an IVB visit (PDF Download)