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Andreas Stillman
by Andreas Stillman in News, Resources
July 31, 2017 comments

Last Thursday Firmhouse spoke about how they offer 8 individuals the opportunity to work on “whatever they want” for 3 months, starting end of September. Their focus is to work on solving hard business problems for which technology like Machine Learning, Blockchain or Mixed Reality can be a solution.

They want to thank you for attending their meet up about Firmhouse Venture Lab last
Thursday with an inspiring video about starting a movement! Notice how the role of the first follower is just as crucial!

As well as a couple of background articles that underline their program:

Founder/Idea Fit > 
How to find out if your skills and domain expertise fit your idea

Unforced Startup Errors > 
“When you’re starting out, I have actually come to believe that you should experiment with a few ideas.”

Find out more details about the program in this slide deck  
They will make sure participants have the ability to work on this fulltime and
they will cover the required expenses to do so, including some reasonable
coverage for costs of living, ca 1 200 euro.

During the 3 months, participants can (but do not have to) team up to start
a venture and if this has some traction they invest 50.000 euro into it.

Apply here > 


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