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Online & Hybrid Events

Host a high-quality online or hybrid event in a safe manner with the opportunity to reach a global audience.

Do you prefer to see the space and discuss the options in person? Email us!


Take all the stress out of your hands and allow us to fully facilitate your next online event, setting up and taking care of a high quality studio setup including a space, multiple cameras, microphones and studio lighting as well as the management of these aspects during your event. Takes all the worries and stress out of your hands!

  • 3 HD Cameras with tripods 
  • Up to 6 Wireless Boya BY-WM8 PRO K2 UHF Microphones + Receivers & Audioboard 
  • Ledgo Bi-Color 2 LED Light Kit
  • Monitor to view what’s happening online
  • Full set-up of the studio and monitoring audio and video quality throughout the event
  • Optional: An customized online environment to broadcast your event to, with live support online and offline.

Starting from €1100 for a 2 hour event


Hosting a fully online event is a great way to reach a large, global audience in a safe and responsible manner. We can provide you with various online platforms and facilitate your online event from start to finish.

  • An online platform for up to 500 people
  • A customizable layout to include sponsors, discussion groups, and logo’s
  • Facilitation of the event and support to make sure everything goes smoothly
  • Dry-runs and briefing of all the speakers and organizers

Starting from €400 for an online event


Build your own basic studio with all the equipment you need for a successful online event, webinar, or video recording. You’ll receive some instructions beforehand and be good to go!

  • Sony A6300 Camera + 18-135mm lens kit (4k)
  • Elgato Cam Link 4k
  • 168cm Adjustable Tripod
  • Blue Yeti Microphone
  • Ledgo Bi-Color 2 LED Light Kit
  • All the necessary cables

Starting from €580 for a 1/2 day


Sit down, plug in, and share your conversations and thoughts with the world. Podcasting and listening to podcasts has picked up tremendously during COVID-19. Why not start now?
We can also help you get set-up and started with all the equipment!

Starting from €100 for 1 hour
Once a week for a month: €700


Only need one or two more items to make your next event a success? We’re happy to discuss and go through the options with you. Rent a high quality camera with all the necessary cables or simply some studio lighting to improve your video quality.

Differs per item, starting from €50 per 1/2 day.


Looking for inspiration within your organisation or team? Or looking to bond with your colleagues whilst solving global challenges? Look no further than Venture Café’s very own Get Pitched! Quickly come up with innovative solutions to pressing global or organisational problems. It’s a fun ideation and brainstorming tool used to help individuals and teams think outside of the box. Fully customizable to match the needs of your company. We can facilitate this from start to finish for up to 100 people! Get in touch for a demo or more information.

Starting from €450 for a 2 hour session

Get in touch to find out more or discuss the options with us! Email us!