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Smart Cities: Global Challenges, Local Solutions
Public sector innovation is moving faster than ever before. Across urban sectors, AWS Cloud is leveraged to build innovative solutions to make cities more livable, sustainable, and accessible for their citizens.

Join us to learn more about Smart Cities and how to tackle Global Challenges with Local Solutions.
Smart Cities: Global Challenges, Local Solutions
A territory gets smart when it can collect data from multiple and heterogeneous sources and turn data into insights that support informed decisions. But without a clear and holistic strategy, it is very complex to gather data produced by different silos. In addition to these technical challenges, this approach brings business, legal and operational challenges.

Creating a Smart and Sustainable Strategy aspires to enable different stakeholders from both public and private sectors to align under a shared vision, transform this vision into strategy, and accelerate their path to results in an effective and sustainable manner.
Since 2020, AWS has been working with the FIWARE ecosystem to support customers and partners to operate and build smart platforms and solutions through the Smart Territory Framework (STF) using open standards and open source.

FIWARE Foundation is becoming the worldwide reference of open-source platform for public organizations. FIWARE brings a comprehensive and curated framework of open-source software platform components which can be assembled together and with other third-party components to
build platforms supporting the development of Smart Solutions faster, easier and cheaper following a Digital Twin based approach.

What is the Smart Territory Framework?

The Smart Territory Framework – STF – is an open-source framework that makes it easier and faster to create and operate interoperable platforms, in line with global industry standards and compatible with the open-source offering of the FIWARE ecosystem. STF supports the development and integration of smart and efficient solutions across multiple domains such as Smart Cities, Campuses and Regions; Energy and Utilities; Agriculture; Smart Building and Manufacturing. With STF, customers can build and operate a scalable, efficient, and interoperable platform that breaks down data silos.

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