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Info Table: Empathic design for an inclusive society – Studio Gerjanne van Gink

May 23, 2019, 17:00 - 19:00

A walkway made out of forget-me-not flowers to ask attention for people with Dementia, a shopping bag which counteracts loneliness. Product designer and healthcare innovator Gerjanne van Gink has a focus on social issues.

With her designs she directs attention to problems, makes solutions and doing research in future scenarios. Like research in how people with Alzheimer diseases use smart products, to increase independency in an empathic way.

Alzheimer Empathy collection ( ADS-mirror and Empathic coffee cup):
As a product designer and nurse assistant Gerjanne van Gink developed the Alzheimer Empathy Products. This collection is designed to help people with Alzheimer diseases keeping control of their own lives, by using smart products in an empathetic way.

One of these products is the ADS-mirror.
The ADS-mirror is a product which supports the daily life structure of people with Alzheimer disease. When the user is using the toothbrush he/she is supported by viewing a tutorial in the mirror. In healthcare this is called mirroring, to demonstrate certain acts. The mirror supports brushing teeth, washing the face or combing hair.

Vergeet-mij-niet-pad (Forget-me-not-walkway):
Last year Stdio Gerjanne van Gink took part in the project ‘Dementia in Urban Space’, a call from the Stimuleringsfonds creatieve industrie and the municipality of Rotterdam. Together with landscape architect Sanne Janssen she designed the ‘Vergeet-mij-niet-pad’ (Forget-me-not-walkway). A path made out of Forget-me-not flowers placed in a neighborhood: as a route, a walkway or entry in the neighborhood.

With this walkway the problem is turned 180 degrees: Instead of designing a solution for people with Alzheimer diseases, awareness is raised among the other inhabitants. The neighbors are more aware that there might be confused people around who need more time to decide in which direction they want to walk.


Studio Gerjanne van Gink is a studio focusses on empathic design for an inclusive society. In this company I work on the Alzheimer Empathy Collection , The ADS-mirror. This product is in a testing fase and W are looking for collaboration and finance. Other projects are design research projects like a shopping route for people with Dementia.


May 23, 2019
17:00 - 19:00
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