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Break Out: Introduction to platform organizing – Part-up

November 10, 2016, 18:00 - 19:00

Laurens Waling is founder of Part-up, a platform for self-organizing tribes. During this workshop Laurens shares his mission to change the system in which we work. He believes that self-organizing tribes and online platforms unleash human potential. This will provide organizations with unlimited talent and passion. He answers the question: how can you embrace the power of swarm organizations, using best practices in Dutch organizations. And why!

To stay competitive in today’s relentless times renders rigid organizational structures irrelevant. Hierarchies are monoliths collapsing under the pressure of self-determination. When the best work is done by the right mix of people driven by their own desires ‘top down management’ just doesn’t cut it anymore. Traditional organizational structures inhibit effective teamwork. Frozen in time and damaged by bureaucracy the odds are stacked against the formation of effective (purpose/client driven) teams. From organizational boundaries to managerial ego’s talent and potential are trapped behind walls that imprison innovation.

Instead of struggling to find the right talents smart managers have a choice: Do you continue along this path knowing you are trapped? Or do smash your shackles and release the power of your people? The transformation of your workforce into a self-organizing swarm is just one click away.

Part-up is a platform for socially organizing purpose driven communities. Instead of telling people what to do we create the environment where talent meets passion to create impressive results. If you’re lacking in either passion or talent (or both) Part-up can resolve that too. Welcome to a community with thousands of freelancers, a vast array of businesses and organizations and a support structure that’s only there if you need it.



November 10, 2016
18:00 - 19:00
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