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Break Out: How to reinvent yourself and your company? (session 2 of 3) – Humberto Schwab filosofia slu

May 7, 18:00 - 18:30

Human beings are a product of millions of years of evolution. We are not rational actors, we are completely built on a defense system to save us from the tigers. So we always fight or flight.

Our dopamine system is the root of our dopamine based addictive thoughts: you think you are thinking but your basically are constantly repeating the same thoughts over and over again. All the speedy innovation methods like scrum etc, will deliver the same stupid thoughts in better clothes. You also think that you can feel but basically you are repeating the same addictive feelings over and over again (example: “I feel you are aggressive”: but this person only also had red hair etc.). We can hardly think nor feel originally.

Also we are not aware of the cultural philosophical assumptions that are dominating your mind: “man is an egoist”, “we are rational agents”, “body and mind are separate things”, ” only facts are important” , “we are all unique” etc, all assumptions that created our culture and a lot of them are fallacies. We can say that all the thoughts in your mind is NOT you, opposite to your convictions. Finally we cannot listen: we hear only that part that connects to our addictive thoughts.

Socratic design can free you of this burden and make us free to design our new environment in private life, business life and societal life. We need the power to design the things that determine us: we can change overnight because we are not fixed rational unique individuals: we are more our inter-actions. When you play tennis you are a tennis player, when you teach you are the teacher , when you act in a narrative that stimulates your egoism you are an egoist.

So here is the secret of innovation and re-invention (the task set by Yuval Harare): design a good narrative when we really can think. That good narrative can only be the product of Socratic collective intelligence (because individually we fall back in addictive coal and steel thoughts). So by strong disciplined dialogue we create collective intelligence that from values generate good future practices that can deal with any disruption.

This session is part of a sequence of three:

Session 1 (April 30th) – How to prepare for the post-corona era?
Session 2 (May 7th) – How to reinvent yourself and your company?
Session 3 (May 14th) – How to make a new narrative?


About Humberto Schwab filosofia slu
The Socratic Design Academy is an on and offline community, based in Alt Emporda, Spain. It applies pragmatic philosophical tools to transform persons, organizations, governance, and businesses.

Our thinking produces a lot of problems in our internal and external world. The Socratic Design Academy uses philosophical tools to eliminate destructive or counterproductive assumptions. Free from these blockades, using collective intelligence, we create hands-on narratives and meaningful practices based on purpose and values.There is a twofold outcome: we make any group or individual capable of philosophizing and reflecting. The transformation is the first result of the Socratic design process. The reflective intelligence – free from addictive assumptions- generates new purposes in your life, your work, your company, NGO, businesses, and government.

The result is a reinvention of yourself, the new strategy of the company, or a completely new culture that fits the new purposes and values. Your deliverables will be new services and products fitted in the new needs.



May 7
18:00 - 18:30