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We are super excited to host #SDGCafé on Thursday!

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Break Out: How to… Communicate effectively and get more success in you business! – Lear

August 1, 17:30 - 18:30

Is a misunderstanding a problem that you experience often in your company or with your customers? Is it becoming more difficult for you to search for new employees or satisfy your customers because of the growing demand? It is common that your staff or you often walk a fine line?

When your company is growing and the workload becomes more and more, it is important to emphasize the value of explicit communication. This is important because stressed people in your company or you being stressed as a boss, will make them loose their creativity and motivation, or worse stay at home on sick leave. This scenario can be prevented by showing your staff the value of positive feedback. Take the time to listen to each other, pay attention to team-bonding and be aware of the role that every employee has in this team.

In short, every employee has to put effort in to create a work environment where people listen to each other, appreciate each other and get the feeling that their work is meaningful.

In the workshop of Jan-Paul Duijndam, we will be showing in which way explicit communication with each other directly leads to a higher return and a more successful company.

More information about Lear: www.lear.team

Why Lear?
We want to learn people how to work together in mutual respect and pleasure.
Our Believe …
Is that a mutual respectful communication creates more trust, a better cooperation and a higher motivation …
An even greater bond between the people and the organization ….
And a higher return for everyone!


August 1
17:30 - 18:30
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