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Event: Resilient Rotterdam Day

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by Weronika Naklicka in Event, News
May 30, 2018 0 comments

We live in times when many things change at the same time. Think of digitization, climate change, globalization and the shift from fossil to sustainable energy. Rotterdam is working on these transitions by investing in sustainability and social commitment in order to create a healthy and future-proof city.

In May 2016, Rotterdam was the first city in the Netherlands to launch its resilience strategy. Since then we celebrate the Resilient Rotterdam Day every year.

This year, Resilient Rotterdam and the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) are joining forces to reflect on current changes and challenges. The seven objectives of the Rotterdam Resilience Strategy will be presented on Thursday, 7th of June.

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb opens at 2 p.m. Arnoud Molenaar (Chief Resilience Officer) and Joachim Declerck (studio master IABR-Atelier Rotterdam and member curator team IABR-2018 + 2020) will give a lecture. Then there is an opportunity to follow an in-depth session of your choice.

Break-out sessions
Break-out sessions offer you the opportunity to deepen your objectives in a smaller setting. With your registration you can choose between two sessions; One session in round 1: climate adaptation and heat stress, financing of resilience or the energy transition and one session in round 2: resilience scan & real estate, resilience engineering or social resilience.

More information about the program and the break-out sessions can be found on the website of Resilient Rotterdam or International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

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