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Event: Dutch Down Support Foundation

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by Weronika Naklicka in Event, News
March 13, 2018 0 comments

Albeda students of International Event Management Studies (IEMS) are organizing promotional campaigns for charity target Dutch Down Support Foundation (DDSF) in Rotterdam on 14 and 15 March 2018.

IEMS students of the Albeda College often work on event assignments from the business community, institutions or in this case a foundation. Dutch Down Support Foundation (DDSF) supports children and adults worldwide with Down syndrome and their environment by sharing Dutch knowledge, experience and resources. Similarly, education. This link was the reason why this goal was chosen for the theme “Charity” in their school year.

One of their initiatives is the “Dutch Down Dinner” which contributes to schools in Suriname. There is already a fantastic program with many famous (Surinamese) names! Work is still underway the final program. Follow DDSF on Facebook and Albeda-EMS Instagram to get more info! During the actions promoting the event they engage young people with Down Syndrome. After all, they are the perfect ones ambassadors for this purpose.

On 14 March from 12:00 to 14:00 on the corner Lijnbaan and Binnenwegplein, next to Bram Ladage one “Guerrilla marketing” action will catch your eye. Children with Down Syndrome will get together in a real school setting to attend the guest lecture from Sandra van Duijl about the educational program of the foundation. Other participants: beautiful DDSF mascots, ambassadors and a life size Cuddle bear with the beautiful message “respect, understanding and a hug everyone deserves”

On 15 March around 17.00, the public will see this “students” in front of the Rotterdam railway station. You will be able to notice the company of mascots, the ambassadors of Dutch Down Support and the big Cuddly bear! From 18.00 they will join us at Venture Café.

“As students, we are also responsible for the communication about these actions, Social Media output and influencers’ attention. We hope to strengthen this “rumor around the charity” brand, the charity dinner and the actions
with local publicity. We would greatly appreciate it if the (local) press paid attention to it these actions.”

More information about the event:

Divano Henkel – Communication – +31 6 42 429 218

Xaviera Opoku – Communication – +31 6 40 785 277

Petra Kroon – Teacher International Event Management – +31 6 25 158 383

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