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September at Venture Café: Diversity & Resilience

With the fresh wind of the seasonal change, let's talk about diversity and resilience!

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Andreas Stillman
by Andreas Stillman in Blog, Month, News
August 9, 2017 comments

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Following the world wide theme of the World Port Days we are kicking off our fall programming in September with some world wide relevant topics: Diversity and Resilience.

Venture Café is a strong believer that innovation happens everywhere and is inclusive to all, yet there is still surprisingly little diversity when doing business. This September – in the fresh winds of the seasonal change – we thought it was time for us to shine a light on the matter.

The team is a critical success factor for any type of business, whether startup or corporate. We therefore offer a platform to have constructive discussions about this. We will be hosting workshops, panel discussions and lectures on the characteristics of a successful team, how and why diverse teams can be the strongest, hear both good and bad stories about it and understand what there is to improve & then together make change happen!

Also, we will be part of Startup Fest Europe, with a day program around The Resilient City. We will host different events on the topic and how to move forward! Also stay tuned for an Innovation Night, to become acquainted with the Rotterdam innovation ecosystem.

September will be a great month! Stay tuned for the individual weekly programs here!

See you soon!

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