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Circular Economy - Lauchtime S1E1

With Lars Crama, BlueCity

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Andreas Stillman
by Andreas Stillman in News
July 6, 2017 comments

In the first episode of Launchtime we talk about circular economy with Lars Crama, CCO BlueCity. Among other things he gets into how BlueCity have figured out a way to make coffee grounds more valuable than the coffee that they are selling. Besides that we get in innovation update, super hero of the month Bart Prost talking about his limousine “Über-like” app and much more. Listen to it here:

Launchtime is a podcast focussing on the Dutch innovation community. It’s a 30 min long show that is perfect for a lunch break! It’s perfect for startups, corporates, enthusiast and visionaries. It’s about the beginning of something new. Hence the name Launchtime.

Season 1 is released every month for the rest of 2017! You can find it on  Soundcloud and  iTunes. You can of course always follow every release on vencaf.nl.

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