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The advice from the expert: How to raise funds?

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by Weronika Naklicka in News, People of
March 26, 2018 0 comments

I’d like to say that the format of visiting many investors in a day is simply great. I was raising funds pretty much around the world and I find this format most efficient from the startup perspective.

My advice to entrepreneurs is to do their homework well: prepare the pitch, rehearse it and study the investors.
A few years ago, I personally created a spreadsheet with funds names, investors names and their roles (trying to divide into principal/associate levels). I used multiple sources to see how many deals they close per year and what is their sweet spot in terms of stage, ticket size and industry. Pitchbook and Dealroom are useful (but can be pricey).

We all understand how frustrating, time-consuming and sometimes depressing it is to hear “no” from investors. But we should also understand that it’s investor’s job to stay on top of the industry, listen to pitches and only then say no. It’s their learning curve. That’s how they follow the trends.
So, to save time, one must not pitch a 2M€ idea to a later stage fund. And one must not pitch food delivery startup to medtech fund. Et cetera.
And never, I mean never, believe that a fund invests “across stages and across industries”. That’s bullshit. Everyone has their focus. Unless it’s an amateur fund, which you don’t want in your financing round anyway.

I also recommend creating your own facebook with pictures of investors and their names + short bio. It dramatically improves networking opportunities, when you know something about the person. It helps if entrepreneurs know psychological deals and can reasonably assume why this investment took place.

I hope it helps!

Best regards,

Dmitrii Beliakov
C Teleport
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