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A richer Venture Café Experience

Together with Shake-on, Venture Café is enhancing the networking experience!

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Andreas Stillman
by Andreas Stillman in News
June 24, 2019 0 comments

Earlier this year we started a collaboration with Shake-on who provides smart bracelet designed to create natural connections. We received a lot of positive feedback and now we are super happy to make the experience even more seamless and impactful!

Venture Café has a mission to connect innovators to make things happen and the Shake-on bracelets help with that. They keep track of who you met, find more information about the session you have attended & the speakers and continue the discussion online after a Thursday Gathering, ensuring you a richer Venture Café-experience.

As of Thursday, June 27th our check-in kiosks have fully integrated Shake-on for a smooth entry and user experience. For the fullest experience, everyone needs to participate, therefore the use of Shake-on will be a mandatory part of our Thursday Gatherings. This will also help us understand the interest of our guests and improve our programs and events (with respect for your privacy!)

Shake-on set out to make networking more human. And what better way to connect people than with the most common greeting gesture: the handshake. To achieve that goal, they made smart bracelets that exchange contact details simply when people shake hands.

We look forward to keeping rolling out fun and new ways of networking and connecting!

See you on Thursday!

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