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Looking for growth capital in Rotterdam

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by Weronika Naklicka in News, Partners
May 8, 2018 0 comments

Part 1: InnovationQuarter
It sometimes proves difficult for startups and scaleups to find growth capital. Good news is that there are more and more alternatives for bank financing. Ondernemen010 presents a capital provider every month on business010, active in the Rotterdam region. Who are they? How do you qualify? What does such a project look like? They kick off with Francis Quint, Head IQCapital of InnovationQuarter.

When they called Francis Quint, Capital Capital of InnovationQuarter for an interview, the following is immediately clear. InnovationQuarter not only invests in companies. They do much more than that. InnovationQuarter is the regional development company of Zuid-Holland.

The organisation:

  1. Assists international companies in setting up in the region and regional entrepreneurs in internationalization
  2. Creates consortia between innovative entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and the government
  3. Invests in regional SMEs

Interesting activities that Ondernemen010 will definitely return to. But what they especially would like to speak to Francis now, is that financing. With three of its own funds, IQcapital, UNIIQ and ENERGIIQ, InnovationQuarter invests in all phases of the life of innovative companies in South Holland.

How IQ works in five questions
1. Can you tell us more about the three funds?
2. In which sectors does IQ invest?
3. How do you qualify for funding?
4. The first impression is positive. What does the process look like?
5. What if funding through IQ does not work?

In how many Rotterdam companies have IQ invested so far?
In Rotterdam, IQ invested in 9 companies in the past four years and together with the Port of Rotterdam, NIBC and First Dutch, IQCapital established the Rotterdam Port Fund. The Rotterdam Quantib was one of the lucky ones. The medical Artifical Intelligence company received in November 2017 to be able to grow internationally. IQ invested € 4.5 million together with investment company Holland Venture in the spin-off of the Erasmus MC. Last week, the 10th investment in Rotterdam was announced during the Rotterdam Capital Days. Together with a consortium of informal investors, IQCapital has invested Tiled Media in the developer of Virtual Reality technology.

Finally. What is your tip for companies that are looking for financing?
This is what Francis knows: Deepen yourself in the type of investor and consider whether it fits with your company. Entrepreneurs often see it as one-way traffic. But not only should your business suit the investor. You too must feel the click. It works both ways. Francis: “You can get a good picture by asking whether you can talk to a company from the investor’s portfolio. That company can tell you how they experience the collaboration. Also nice is that you can ask a colleague entrepreneur immediately for tips. For example what they would do differently if they were to go through such a process again. “

About Francis Quint

Francis Quint is Head of InnovationQuarter Capital. Graduated business economist and art historian and worked at KPN Telecom, KLM Group and NPM Capital.

More about InnovationQuarter
Enthusiastic? More questions? InnovationQuarter is happy to answer them. Look them up via their website.

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