What is Quantum Technology?

August 12, 2022

In August 2022, we proudly announce a new partnership with Erasmus Enterprise. Erasmus Enterprise is a driven and diverse entrepreneurial community on a mission to help innovative startup ideas into a successful business. With this new partnership we are excited to host an event together to talk about the future of quantum technology. But what is Quantum? Why is it important for our future? And why is it so emerging?

Quantum Technology was first outlined in a book back in 1997 by Gerald J.Milburn. He knew that most devices we use now will rely on quantum mechanics. Think of devices like computers, lasers, defense systems and so much more!

But what is quantum technology? Quantum Technology is an emerging field of physics and engineering. It is where scientists work to make everything faster and smarter, for example, a normal computer we use for work can read a thousand books in a few hours, but a quantum computer can read a million books in a few seconds. So imagine the things you could do with such a computer, in the future we can cure rare diseases in a few seconds with the help of these quantum computers.

And that is why this world is so emerging. Every company, city and country wants to get their hands on the best quantum computers. But now we are still in the starting phase of these computers and we are hoping that the first quantum processors will be available in 10 years for commercial use.

Are you curious about the Future of Quantum Tech? Check out our event together with Erasmus Enterprise!

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