Meet our new intern!

April 28, 2022

Here at Venture Cafe Rotterdam, we pride ourselves on nurturing talent and each year we offer a number of opportunities to intern in Rotterdam's vibrant innovation hub. Meet our latest intern, Talha.

Meet our new intern!

Hi, I’m Talha  and I’m eighteen years old. I’m currently in my third and final year at Zadkine studying International Management Assistant. Part of my studies mean I have to complete an internship and I joined Venture Café Rotterdam in March after my teacher recommended it.  I mailed the team and was invited to introduce myself.  Luckily, I came during a Thursday Gathering so I could see immediately how exciting it could be to have my placement here.  I could also see lots of opportunities to improve myself.

What are you hoping to achieve whilst you’re here?

What I’m hoping to learn is how businesses work and how they achieve their goals. I also want to improve myself by being better at communicating with others and being more focused.

Do you have any tips for future interns?

My tips for future interns are that they should know what they want to learn beforehand and what they want to improve upon. A final tip would be to research the company first of all, so you know what you’re getting yourself into.