Jasmin Joins the Team!

April 28, 2022

Here at Venture Cafe Rotterdam, we pride ourselves on nurturing talent and each year we offer a number of opportunities to intern in Rotterdam's vibrant innovation hub. Meet our latest intern, Jasmin!

Jasmin Joins the Team!

Hi, I’m Jasmin. I’m nineteen years old and I’m a student at Albeda College, studying International Event Management Studies.

Why did you choose to intern at Venture Cafe?

My school introduced me to Venture Cafe’s Thursday Gathering as part of my studies and a way to get study points. I thought that it sounded fun and volunteered! I’m a very sociable person and felt at home instantly. I saw so many people talking and making connections – I really liked that. So I made up my mind, that this was the place I wanted to come and intern for.

What are you hoping to achieve here?

I have a few goals during my internship. For my studies, I want to develop more experience in event management and learn how a busy events department functions. But also, I personally want to grow my network and increase my career opportunities for the future. Venture Cafe is THE place to do that.

Do you have tips for future interns?

Do your research and when you find a company, approach them with confidence . There’s no harm in asking directly for the chance to intern – whats the worst that can happen? I also suggest that you be yourself, radiate confidence and be open.

Any final words?

Yes! Just visit a Thursday Gathering. It’s fun and you can meet new people that can further your business.