Bridging Innovation Across the Globe

March 18, 2022

Venture Cafe’s great strength lies in its global connections. With Cafés in Boston, Miami, St Louis, Providence, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Monterrey, Tokyo, Sydney, Rotterdam, and Warsaw, we’re in a unique position to create opportunities for our community across the globe. In September, we saw such an opportunity to create an innovation bridge between the Netherlands, Miami and Curacao during Upstream Festival 2021.

Focusing on our scale-up community, we partnered with four speakers: Hans van Rossum (founder Realconomy), Loek Janssen (co-founder Nova Credit), Dorit Roest (founder of ScaleNL) and Leigh-Ann Buchanan (Aire Ventures). All of whom have successfully scaled or have knowledge of the ecosystems in Miami or Curacao. Here they shared their insights and knowledge into these two exciting innovation gateways with almost 200 guests.

We were delighted to work with ScaleNL, who offer Dutch Tech entrepreneurs a fast track to the US ecosystem.

Claire Worland