Advanced Negotiating for Female Founders

February 21, 2022

When it comes to negotiating, I have two things stacked again me.

  1. I’m British
  2. I’m female

The first point doesn’t mean that British people can’t negotiate (of course we can). But there is something in our cultural blood that makes us quite apologetic. This is never a great place to start when negotiating! I’m working on this.

The second point is the sad acknowledgement that females, historically, have struggled to achieve the levels of negotiation success that our male counterparts have enjoyed. In the startup world, negotiating is hugely important. But if females are already at a disadvantage in this area then we at Venture Cafe Rotterdam wanted to offer a helping hand because we believe that Innovation is for Everyone.

Last week, CIC Rotterdam and Venture Cafe Rotterdam jointly hosted an Advanced Negotiation Skills workshop for female founders and professionals. Guided by Wendy van Sikkelerus de Jong, Attorney at Law and Founder of Lexconnect, our group of female leaders walked away with insights into theory and practice. The hands-on workshop explored body language, verbal and non verbal communication as well as sharing some top negotiation tips.

It’s clear from these inspiring visual notes taken Mansi Jasjua, Cofounder of Conscious Business Nederland, that this workshop was full of practical ideas.  Something that will prove useful for anyone preparing for their next important negotiation.

Good luck, ladies!


Claire Worland

This session supported SDG 5 of the United Nations Sustainable Developed Goals:

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

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