Meet our new intern!

February 9, 2022

Here at Venture Cafe Rotterdam, we pride ourselves on nurturing talent and each year we offer a number of opportunities to intern in Rotterdam's vibrant innovation hub.

Hi! Tell us about yourself!

I am Demi-Lee, the new intern at Venture Café.

Currently, I’m studying at Zadkine Business College, and I will be working for Event Bureau and managing the Thursday Gatherings here at Venture Café Rotterdam.

Why did you choose Venture Cafe for your internship? 

I think it’s very important to provide entrepreneurs support to succeed with their ideas & grow their company. I work on my own business, Daylee Beauty, as well, and I like to inspire people to work hard on the things they love. What also interested me in Venture Café is to meet different people.

I hope to help connect people, especially the younger generation that is working hard to build something for themselves. 

I really like seeing events take place here at Venture Café, because I have not seen people connecting in that way often, and I think the new generation (with all the phones and electronics) can really benefit from these occasions to build a network. 

During my time here at Venture Café, I hope to learn and grow more, to help me take the next steps in my life after this internship. 

Demi-Lee Eskolina
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