Venture Voices

January 24, 2022

Venture Voices, Venture Cafe Rotterdam's official podcast channel, is now live!

Venture Voices, Venture Cafe Rotterdam’s official podcast channel is now live!

The audio platform gives innovators and entrepreneurs (aspiring and seasoned) a platform for their voices, stories and insights to be heard and provides another way to connect, learn and share with the community.

The monthly podcasts explore what it takes to be an entrepreneur (what is your super power!) and delve into a range of topics and trends to keep on track of this fast-moving ecosystem. Whether you’re at the very start of your concept, scaling up or reached mature phase, we’ll be creating podcasts for every step of your journey.

Episode 1 – Demystifying Crypto (Part 1) is now available to download. So put your feet up, grab a coffee and tune in!




Claire Worland
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