Weekly Walks

January 11, 2022

Connecting people is what we love to do and naturally we’re feeling quite impatient as we wait for the Dutch press conference on Friday 14 January.  Will we be able to open up Venture Cafe or will it be a few more weeks of waiting? We have a strong feeling of deja vu!

But in true innovator style, the team at Venture Cafe Rotterdam put our heads together to offer a safe way to connect whilst enjoying our fabulous city of Rotterdam!

Weekly Walks begin on Thursday 20th January and we can’t wait to try out this new idea!

From Thursday January 20th, 12pm – 1pm, we will host a weekly walk through our vibrant city of Rotterdam. It’s the perfect solution if you are missing making connections with the innovation community, feeling like you’re going a little crazy working from home or not getting enough vitamin D and exercise.

Weekly Walks will help you stay connected with other community members as we discover points of interest in the ecosystem and Rotterdam’s heritage, all whilst increasing your step count. Naturally, we’ll do this in a responsible way and we will break out in smaller groups if the interest is large. For this reason, registration is a must to help us plan ahead.


So grab a warm coat, your best walking boots and join us!


Claire Worland
Venture Café Rotterdam is currently on pause. We'll be back soon!