How to Stay Healthy

November 29, 2021

We hope you’re well and keeping safe. In fact, this is our theme for this week’s virtual Thursday Gathering – How to Stay Healthy. We’d like to share thoughts about how we can all stay healthy in times of Covid: how can we ensure we are as healthy as possible, both mentally & physically? It promises to be a very useful session that anyone can join.

In December, we look forwards to the future. Can you imagine what the world will look like in 2050?  Where do we work, how will we work, and what skills will we need? and what will our economy look like? This month’s theme, Future Forward, explores these and many more questions around our future impact as innovators. It’s a fascinating topic that we look forward to discussing in more details throughout this month’s program.

As we shared last week, our Thursday Gatherings are now online for the rest of 2021. There are many advantages to this that we wanted to share:

  1. It’s safe
  2. You can connect from the comfort and warmth of your own home.
  3. You can join us where ever you are in the world, meaning you can make global as well as local connections.

So, make Thursday Gatherings your ‘centre of gravity‘ as you never know who you may meet and how this could transform your idea into reality.

Please remember to register for the sessions that interest you this week and share with your community! 

Claire Worland
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