Boost Your Business

October 11, 2021

There are lots of different ways to boost your business. You might be thinking your company needs a financial boost to take it to the next level, or maybe you want to boost your brand’s awareness and grow followers and supporters. One thing is certain is that whatever boost you’re aiming for you’re bound to meet someone at our Thursday Gathering who can help.

Why are we so certain?

Well, what we’ve learned during the long lockdown period is the importance (and indeed the necessity) of real life connections. There’s not a single person we have met who did not experience some form of isolation from family, friends or colleagues during lockdown. We need, at a very basic level, human connections. And making connections is, of course, what Venture Cafe is all about. We offer the perfect setting and opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs and advisors who can give your business that boost you are seeking.

This week, we offer you a hybrid program with a selection of both online and in-person physical networking, Office Hours and Break Out sessions. Take a look at the program below!

Oh and don’t forget –  next week is Investment Cafe with our partners Icoinic Capital. After last month’s introduction where we heard from Icoinic’s CEO Wilhem Roth, we are excited to continue our Crypto journey.

Claire Worland
Venture Café Rotterdam is currently on pause. We'll be back soon!