Innovation Bridge: Your Opportunities in the USA: Miami and Curacao

October 6, 2021

During the magnificent Upstream Festival, our Innovation Bridge session talked about opportunities in Miami, Dutch Caribbean (especially Curacao) and how to expand your business to the USA.


We were treated to a host of speakers who shared their knowledge in this subject including Dorit Roest, Scale NL, who told us all the do’s and don’ts on how to expand your business to the USA.  Scale NL scale Dutch tech to solve global challenges together by providing a network, community, knowledge, programs and funding. Speaking of a roadmap, Dorit shared her 10 steps to expanding in the US, which you can read below or download in a handy infographic!

Creating a Bridge for Innovators

Venture Cafe Rotterdam has hosted many high impact Innovation Bridges in the past. The bridges focus on connecting start ups, scale ups and entrepreneurs to the ecosystems and opportunities around the globe.
As part of a global network which include Venture Cafes in Miami, Cambridge, Providence, St Louis, Philadelphia, Sydney, Warsaw and Tokyo, Venture Cafe Rotterdam is well placed to host Innovation Bridges the provide opportunities to many different countries.
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Claire Worland

10 steps to expansion in the US

  1. Speak the language
  2. Do your homework
  3. Build your support system
  4. Behave like a tourist
  5. Start selling
  6. Choose when, how and where
  7. Raise US funds
  8. Tackle legal and financial issues
  9. Build a US team
  10. Open your office

Solving a scale up problem

Initiated by Holland in the Valley & the Startup Liaison Network USA, Scale NL was formed after Dutch startups continued to encounter challenges when scaling internationally. Subsequently the Dutch Consulate General in San Francisco and The Startup Liaison Network joined forces and initiated ScaleNL to help Dutch Tech Startups scale to the US and enable a soft landing in the country.


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