6 Factors Start-Ups Should Consider Before Moving into a New Location

October 4, 2021

During last month’s amazing Upstream Festival, we took the stage to talk about opportunities in Miami, Dutch Caribbean (especially Curacao) and how to expand your business to the USA – and what an innovation bridge it was!


Claire Worland
Miami is the gateway to South America and is a front runner when is comes to diversity and inclusion.
Leigh Ann Buchanan, President of Aire Ventures (and former director of Venture Cafe Miami) gave us some insights in to the ecosystem and opportunities in Miami and shared in her pre-recorded video 6 factors any founder or start-up should consider before moving to a new location and specifically Miami.
Special thanks to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consulate General of the Kingdom in Miami, Scale NL, Holland in the Valley, Aire Ventures, Cinex, Realconomy, HPC for making this Innovation Bridge happen!