Venture Café Rotterdam announce new partnership ?

August 23, 2021

Venture Café Rotterdam and Icoinic Capital, a Dutch premier data-driven investment group managing a range of alternative investment funds focused on crypto-assets, announce an exciting partnership to demystify the world of crypto and create more awareness and understanding around this investment route for Start Ups, Scale Ups and entrepreneurs.

The collaboration, which will begin in September 2021, offers the innovation community of Venture Café a dynamic interaction with Icoinic during Venture Café’s Thursday Gathering, the largest innovation community gathering in the Netherlands (pre-covid that is)


Benefits for the Start Up Community

Venture Cafe Rotterdam, which is part of a global network of innovators, was the first European expansion in 2015. Since then, it has helped connect thousands of innovators to make things happen. Partnering with Icoinic Capital, who are based in Amsterdam’s stock exchange, allows Venture Café to dive deeper into investment topics that are relevant to the innovation ecosystem. Investment is key to the growth of any start up or scale up and Icoinic Capital’s presence and expert advice during the aptly named “crypto cafe” will benefit this community and support its growth.

Anoesjka Imambaks, Executive Director at Venture Café, believes this partnership will be enriching for everyone concerned:


“Venture Café Rotterdam’s Investment Café helps our community to understand the investors/investment climate and discover investment possibilities, shapes & forms. It also dives deep into subjects such as Stock Market, Cryptocurrencies, and Real estate. There is a large part of our innovation community interested in the latter, and this is where Icoinic Capital’s contributions will be of value.”

Forging links with Innovation Ecosystem

Founded in 2017, Icoinic Capital has a multi-year track-record and continuous exposure in the crypto asset investment space which firmly establishes and verifies their expertise in this field. For Wilhelm Roth, Chief Executive Officer, this partnership forges an important link with the innovation ecosystem: 


“Icoinic is a trading firm that provides algorithmic and high-frequency trading strategies, it trades in crypto-asset class. Our firm has been operating since 2017, as pioneers in our ecosystem we find education and the sharing of knowledge as a critical value we cherish.  Joining Venture Cafe Rotterdam’s Investment Café allows us to bring our experience and expertise to an innovative community that share our passion for the exploration and shaping of the new frontiers of finance.”


How to take part

Icoinic will be joining Venture Café’s monthly Investment Café, every third Thursday of the month. Expect a mix of contributions from Icoinic for both those new to the crypto ecosystem as well as those who are more experienced.

The first “Crypto Café” will take place on Thursday September 16th  and will cover the fundamentals such as : 

  • Where do cryptocurrencies find their origins?
  • What is the regulatory framework of crypto, and can it even be regulated?
  • How does crypto fit within the wider financial ecosystem?
  • What are the geopolitical changes that come with crypto?
  • Which coins are “solid” and which are not, and how do you identify them?


Via partnerships like these, Venture Café Rotterdam supports, stimulates, and inspires the innovation ecosystem of Rotterdam and beyond. 

If you would like to explore a possible partnership with Venture Cafe Rotterdam and play a part in making great things happen in the innovation community, email  Laura van Bekkum, Program and Partnership Manager : laura@venturecaferotterdam.org

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