Investment Café Demystifies World of Investment and Capital Funding

April 29, 2021

How do I fund my business? 

How can I let my money work for me?

If you’re an entrepreneur, startup, scaleup or simply curious about investing your savings, the chances are you’re familiar with these questions. Venture Café Rotterdam aims to demystify the world of investment and capital funding by navigating you through this exciting yet complex topic.
Building on our previous initiatives, including Rotterdam Capital Days, we’re launching a new, recurring concept: Investment Café. Every third Thursday of each month, we’ll focus our Thursday Gathering on everything related to funding. 
Investment Café will help you:

  • Understand investors/investment climate (What’s out there?)
  • Discover investment possibilities, shapes & forms (What suits my business?)
  • Gain access to investors (Does the investor suit me?
  • Meet service providers / brokers who can help navigate (Who can help me get funded?

If you’re more interested in making your money work harder for you, Investment Café can also help by diving deep into subjects such as:

  • Stock Market
  • Cryptocurrencies and
  • Real estate

Venture Café Rotterdam are experts at connecting innovators to make things happen. In 2019, we organised the hugely successful Rotterdam Capital Days (RCD) that saw 1800+ participants and connected talent, ideas and money through events such as Informal InvestorDiner.
Investment Café will continue the momentum and capture the spirit of RCD on a monthly basis to give you the confidence in making the right choices for your business and your savings. 

Save the date! 

Join us as we launch Investment Café 
Date: Thursday May 20  
Time: 16:00 – 19:00
Where: Online 

Claire Worland