Venture Café in March: Responsible Industry Innovation

February 23, 2021


This month is all about Responsible Industry Innovation. Many companies want their research and innovations to benefit society, but how do and can they ensure this happens?  That’s what we will address this month!
Responsible Industry Innovation
“Many companies formulate plans and strategies in areas such as risk management or gender equality – it helps their businesses run successfully. But, says De Montfort University Professor Bernd Stahl, ‘this is not enough to ensure that the process and outcomes of their research and innovation are societally acceptable, desirable and sustainable. Stahl calls this ‘responsible research and innovation’ and it has been the focus of his EU-funded RESPONSIBLE-INDUSTRY project, which has spent the last three years trying to understand how to integrate such thinking into existing business infrastructure. ’” Read more here about this EU funded project and watch the video below for an introduction into the subject.

Female Leadership: The Sequence
Also: it’s International Women’s Day on 8-March 2021. Venture Café is launching a special Female Leadership sequence.
This sequence consists of 4 inspirational get-togethers dedicated to inspire, connect and empower women! We’ll be highlighting women’s unique successes and facilitate a dialogue that transcends cultures, industries and experiences.

This is not your ordinary female leadership session. This is a space to learn and grow together. A moment to share experiences and help each other in taking the next step.

The sessions are hosted by Jannelieke Aalstein and Anoesjka Imambaks. They will be inviting guests for sessions to offer various perspectives to the selected subjects.

A small fee applies to these sessions so we can ensure the sessions are taking place in a safe virtual environment where everyone can share thoughts freely and openly (and it’s a donation to Venture Café)!

Where and how to tune in?
Our sessions take place during our weekly Thursday Gatherings (4pm – 7pm) and will continue to be offered online, we follow the Dutch government’s guidelines.

We look forward to meeting you (again)!

Want to be part of our program?
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