Venture Café in February: Being Smart, Resilient & Inclusive

February 1, 2021

This month is all about Smart, Resilient and Inclusive cities and communities. These concepts will be introduced to you by our expert speakers and they are looking forward to engaging into dialogue with you. Also, we will organize the SkillSchool! >> read on!

About SkillSchool
This session is part of Venture Café Rotterdam’s SkillSchool. A sequential program running as of 4 February 2021 to upgrade the skills and competences you need right now! Part of this trajectory you may expect sessions around soft and hard skills, but certainly also linguistic and creative skills. Check out the program every Thursday for that week’s mix of sessions! Have an idea? Submit it here. Want to host a session? Let us know!

Our sessions take place during our weekly Thursday Gatherings (4pm – 7pm) and will continue to be offered online, in line with RIVM guidelines.
We look forward to meeting you (again)!

Want to be part of our program?
Send an e-mail to program@venturecaferotterdam.org

Claire Worland