Venture Café in April: Let's go for zero!

March 30, 2020

As part of the Sustainable Development Goals, we unite to become more sustainable, C02 emission free and free of waste on a global level. New sources of energy and circular solutions are the name of the game. Rotterdam is also preparing for the Next Economy.
Locally the innovation action program Up!Rotterdam is aiming for Rotterdam to achieve among other things zero C02 emission and zero waste. This poses both challenges and opportunities for the city as well as the innovators and businesses in our community.
This month it’s our program’s goal to explore the relationship between sustainability issues and competitive advantage for startups, SMEs and (multinational) corporations. We also aim to enhance our collective understanding of what can be done on an individual level to contribute to these ambitious targets.

Want to be part of our program?
Send an e-mail to program@venturecaferotterdam.org



Claire Worland